One? Two? Mix It Up a Little! House Room Decor Tips


Mix It Up! Tips for you who loved simple but not boring room design.
Room comfortable means we can enjoy doing our activity inside it, right? And how comfortable our house is not only depends on how much cost we spent to it, but how we can create the "our comfortable definition". Remember, simple things can be a big change in our life, also in decorating a house room. "Mix it up a little. Just because your palette consists of two or three colors, you don't have to pick each and every accessory in those same colors. The same with furniture styles. Get something edgy to add to your traditional room or throw an antique into your mid-century modern." "When arranging accessories, think contrast. Old with new. Hard with soft. Smooth with rough. Shiny with matte. Vary heights." via

vithouse on December 17, 2009      

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