Modern Outdoor Kitchen Island Design by Jamie Durie with Electrolux

minimalist outdoor kitchen island in eco-friendly design

All in one outdoor kitchen island design. Jamie Durie - landscape architect who worked with Electrolux has been the creation of outdoor kitchen island that is perfect for those who want to enjoy cooking or baking BBQ in the summer of course. Modern design, and eco-friendly style makes it suitable outdoor kitchen island placed in the garden or patio behind the house.

super modern outdoor kitchen island design

Unlike conventional kitchen island in general, outdoor kitchen island and is implementing an integrated concept of integration is cool. An integrated sink, faucet, burner barbecue and sit on the surface of the main island, while other functions rest below. Sizable planted elements add a level of greenery That separates other built-in pieces (including a nice wooden bench) while creating relationships to the other garden-variety plant life Surrounding the deck. Conveniently, a curved surface edges help Rainwater drains from the counter into adjacent flower beds as well.

modern deck bbq - outdoor kitchen island design

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