Modern Contemporary L-Shaped Urban Garden and Patio Design with Paving Decor

urban home garden decoration designModern Contemporary L-Shaped Urban Garden and Patio Design

Have a plan to create or redecorate your outdoor home garden and patio space? Your modern house design need an idea to do it well. Here are a modern contemporary garden and patio decoration design photo that has L-shape, with short description about garden, planting ideas, accessories and patio paving design.

contemporary garden patio paving designcontemporary garden and patio design with paving floor

Like many urban gardens design and decoration, it is L-shaped, which means not only the back side often too small to do something significant with, but also the vision from inside the home in the back side is often rather bland (or the house next door).
Planting at your garden obviously helps add the view,it also has a contribution in giving additional fresh air into your home area, but it can take up much space, so ideally should be kept to a minimum - and the plants you choose must be architectural gems.
contemporary patio paving garden designurban garden and patio design for modern contemporary house design
In an urban or contemporary garden, your design may be very simple to make the most of the space. This is where attention to detail is really useful - not only in the form of juxtaposed materials, but in the game of angles - the deck is in one direction, while the lines in the paved area of garden run in another.
under tree paving garden patio designcontemporary garden and patio plantation
In a small urban garden, thy will be more important than that of a country garden is surrounded by trees and an abundance of plants throughout the year.
patio design paved floor
modern garden decoration
One color of paint or stain - whether on a wall or fence - can have a huge impact on a garden. Apply the same rules as you want in the house: use bright white to a dark small space seem larger and lighter, exuberant colors used to display your furniture and plants to create an exotic garden and choose dark gray Unlike your black plantation and create a very modern look.
patio paving garden design idea
urban garden and patio decorating idea
Now it's time to decorate design stage, do not forget to leave areas in your landscaping drive - assuming you are or paving over the terraced garden - free for planting. A tree model in a large deck area, a shrub with colorful flowers sitting in a corner or a row of flowers soften the harder lines of an urban garden, add color and smell and attract wildlife.A good site assessment is vital for any garden design. When creating a garden, every space is important. Where to put the garden to do the size and choice of plants must all be changed, the difference with a small garden. Here's how to take an honest look at your garden site and what you can expect to plant.
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