Modern Concrete Tree House with Geothermal Energy Exchanger – Green Home Design by Ignatov Architects Bulgaria

Concrete Tree House-Green Home Design by Ignatov Architects Bulgaria

Green concrete outside, modern inside. Actually it's not really a house on the tree, it's located at beautiful highland in Varna, Bulgaria with green tree scenery as far as eyes looking. At glance, this house arcitectural shape is like a green house with a fairly large size and shape of a cube. The structure of this modern concrete house designed like the structure of the real tree, which has a roof (leaves), stems and branches, and roots. More details, please read the following article.

Concrete House-Green Home Design by Ignatov Architects Bulgaria

This modern concrete house was built above the ground surface decreases diagonal, with the elevation of the rather challenging, therefore this house has several levels to address those issues. It also a best house design for you who want t0 build a villa as recreation space. As explained above, here are why this green modern concrete house called tree house: An interior garden with beautiful decoration (as crown), Central cantilevered structure (as trunk and branches), Geothermal energy exchanger (as roots). See the structure diagram below:

tree house concept diagrams

And that's why it called a tree house. Very innovative house design right? From the designer: "Commissioned by the support of art well known and successful businessman George Bonin Architects and developed by the New York firm Ignatov, the concept of host trees is an attempt to define contemporary, adaptable architecture in rural areas. Its strategy is based on learning of the existing trees on the site by recognizing their natural search for location and climate. The objective is to align the architecture with nature and deliver buildings of the site-aware, clean, independent energy and achievable. In contrast to the typology Treehouse, which provides housing parasitic overload existing trees, the concept of host tree focuses on self-development, tree architecture for inspiration." For more detailed info about this tree house project, visit Archdaily.

modern view outdoor concrete house design

beautiful indoor green garden pool design

Concrete House-Green Home Design by Ignatov Architects-Interior

modern living room design in green home

modern minimalist bedroom design

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