Contemporary Living Room Decoration with Monochromatic Furniture Design Ideas

monochromatic living room furniture designliving room decorating design idea with monochromatic furniture and accessories

The strength of monochromatic furniture abstraction atmosphere in living room decoration. Some times we need a courage to make a big different in redecorating our home interior decoration. This is an example of what changed you can do by combining textures and reflections. The sofa is made of velvet and is bordered by a chrome trim at the base. A chrome table on the chaise longue shows the effect even better. The table is a matte black oak that gently reflects the light that is cast on is varying its light gray color. The sculpture stands in the background behind the table draw your eye across the room and help balance the weight of the sofa in attracting interest. The large vase in front of the ornate gold mirror helps draw your eye up and helps to scale down the mirror. Monochromatic furniture design idea via.

vithouse on May 6, 2010      

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