Bank Barn Decoration Idea – Beautiful Traditional Country Interior Design

River bank barn country house design picturebeautiful traditional country barn design

Picturesque traditional country barn house interior design. If you want to decorate your barn horse, here is an barn house interior decor inspiration for you who love a natural view inside your lovely home.

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Background story about River Bank traditional barn : Repeatedly Ordered to destroy the warehouses That sit on Their new horse farm, the owner can not let go cette traditional barn. The New Barn 1800 River Bank Seems To Have great potential N They Are looking For An Architect Who could "turn it Into a renovated warehouse dreams They Want. Blackburn Architects, Which Specializes in adaptive reuse and renovation, Taking the project and play a sagging barn Into a modern adaptation of a beautiful sun with adequate lighting and simple features That Reflect past use. via

River bank barn traditional house design pictureRiver bank barn at night photo

Original character of the warehouse is maintained, it is clear on the sliding barn door that covers the front door is updated, and the original floorboards and beams. However, modern touch is added to the barn to make it more energy efficient. East facade was replaced with windows all over the floor to the ceiling, which gives a view of the Potomac and adequate natural lighting. In addition, hydronic heating installed under the floor for an efficient heating system and hidden.

house barn interior design idea pictureinterior design with natural rustic wood texture

traditional barn house interior design decorating idea phototraditional barn house interior design decorating idea photo

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